We are a company dedicated to bringing the best deals in town to you!


We’ve partnered with merchants across the island so that our members can get exclusive discounts and offers.

First, you’d have to register to become a member! Once registered, we will deliver a “PERQ.” membership card to the address provided in the membership registration form.

Simply flash your card to the merchant’s staff at any of our participating merchants and you will automatically be given the discount, it’s that simple!

No further card activation required.

Before ordering your desired purchase at participating merchants, please ensure that you check with the staff to make sure that your purchase is applicable to the promotion listed on our website.


Remember to flash your card before payment so that the promotion can be applied.

All PERQ members are entitled to all promotions listed on our website for a duration of 1 year from the date of membership card arrival.


The membership expiry date can be found on the front of the card itself.

Please contact us at support@perq.sg with your details and we will send you a replacement card for $15.00.

Do take note that this not not extend the date of your existing membership expiry date. You may also choose to subscribe to a new membership in place of the old one.

Unfortunately, it is part of our policy that all members are to be able to provide a valid, non-expired PERQ membership card under their name upon the staff’s request.


Staff at participating outlets are authorised to reject any individual who are unable to do so.

The rightful cardholder of the membership card must be present upon use of the card at our participating merchants.


Failure to do so will result in rejection to our promotions.

When you purchase a PERQ membership, you are purchasing a membership that is valid for the term of 1 year.


Purchasing a new membership would grant you a new 1-year membership that is entirely separate from your existing one.


We recommend indicating your preferred membership start date upon purchase of your renewal membership so that no day gets wasted on your existing one!

You may find all our participating merchants as well as their promotions on our merchant locator page here.


You may also find our “PERQ.” decal on the front of all our participating outlets.

We have delegated authority to our merchants, and that they have the rights to deny the promotions to an individual whom they may reasonably conclude is using an invalid card or using a valid card maliciously.


However, we also understand that misunderstands can arise through many different factors.


If you were a valid member who has been wrongfully denied a valid promotion, please email us at support@perq.sg and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We are happy to have you on board! Please email us at info@perq.sg and we will arrange for a face-to-face induction with your relevant representative.

Join PERQ today.

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